The Book

On Thanksgiving Eve 2012, the course of one young man’s life would be forever changed. Falling Away from You tells the story of Taylor Bingaman and his journey through the world of Traumatic Brain Injury. Taylor’s mother, Nicole, shares the story as she recounts the events that happened as the result of a devastating fall down the stairs in their family home.

Nicole brings to life what happens in Taylor’s accident through his continual recovery in a very personal and candid way. She expresses the idea that it takes a village to have a successful recovery and it merely begins in the operating room.

This book will remind you that each day is a precious and irreplaceable gift. It will show you that love and time do play a part in healing.

Falling Away from You is a perspective of hope in the midst of tragedy, triumph in the face of what seemed like unbeatable odds, and how one family came together to help bring back the son and brother they loved so much. It is a realistic perspective on courage, determination and one young man’s struggle and drive to beat the odds, one step at a time.

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