Booking Nicole for our annual conference for survivors, caregivers and professionals was the best decision we made this year! Her heartfelt, inspirational presentation visibly moved every attendee in the room. I watched the room as they nodded, smiled and shed a tear right along with Nicole and I was not sure she would ever be able to make her way through the long line of people waiting to speak to her after her presentation. She was, without a doubt, a highlight of our event! - Lisa I. McCarthy, Deputy Director, Brain Injury Services of Virginia.

Not many times can a person take us by the hand and walk us through the pain, the hope, the acceptance of their lives in such a way that we are enriched, stretched, and made compassionate beyond our normal ability. Nicole does this, in her speaking and in her writing. - retired Social Worker (Veterans Administration Medical Center of Georgia)

"Nicole tells her story like no one else could. We literally felt the emotions she shared as she spoke from the heart about her son's diagnosis of TBI, through enjoying and laughing in their new experiences, to the sadness she still feels every day. The audience was left empowered and inspired by the strength and endurance this family has sustained throughout their journey of brain injury recovery." - Kristine Longo, RN, CRRN, Bryn Mawr Rehab

“Nicole tells a great story and is able to relate it to everyone, professionals, survivors and caregivers alike.” - Audience members at Brain Injury Conference in Maryland

“Emotionally, brutally honest and wonderful presentation.”- Audience members at Brain Injury Conference in Maryland

“I had the pleasure of attending a presentation given by Nicole at the hospital where I work. I found it to be powerful and enlightening. Although I've been in the field for many years, I feel that Nicole was able to give a fresh perspective on how best to help families dealing with a TBI. She provides a window into the profound emotional impact that TBI has on the entire family unit, while also offering practical advice for healthcare professionals.” - Jessica Petrongolo, Speech Pathologist, Bryn Mawr Rehab

“Nicole came across as a very warm individual at the book signing. I didn't expect her to be so cheerful knowing her terrible experience with her son, Taylor.I was very touched by her deep emotion during her talk when she was explaining to us about the writing process, about him, and her entire family.In her talk, she related how when an unexpected crisis happens, it is extremely difficult to make decisions. Nevertheless, she was determined and focused only to resolve the challenges. However, what she went through with Taylor was not only about TBI, but also about a mother's love and strength. Nicole is a sensitive and powerful lady. It is essential to listen to her experience through her own words.” - Asako Szajngarten, Singer & Musician, NYC

“I had the pleasure of hearing Nicole Bingaman speak about her book “Falling Away From You,” at the 2015 Decatur Book Festival. I am a former practicing attorney who began her career as a public interest lawyer representing individuals with mental illness in facilities. Hearing her share a passage of those first few months and her family’s advocacy for Taylor moved me to tears and I realized that their story was one that all needed to read and hear. The Bingamans’ story of love and perseverance is one that every person can relate to in his or her life’s journey. Each of us face challenges and Nicole’s message that “Love Wins” is a reminder that no matter whatever life’s challenges with love, strength, and dedication – love does indeed win.” - Christina Leon, Esq, Managing Director, The Partners Group, Atlanta

“Without reservation I heartily recommend Nicole Bingaman to discuss the macrocosm of Traumatic Brain Injury through her family's story. Nicole has a talent for giving a voice to the emotions of fear, pain, perseverance and love, that all connected to the TBI community should hear. Her descriptions of the day-to-day successes and setbacks are riveting. I attended a book sharing by Nicole and came away so impressed by her profound courage and honesty in presenting her story and ability to provide thoughtful, nuanced answers to questions. My time spent listening to Nicole was inspirational and the opportunity to hear her should be shared by many.” – Nancy F. Burke, retired Elementary School Teacher, NJ School System

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