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“Nicole is a passionate and tireless advocate for those affected by traumatic brain injury. Her book is a “must read” for anyone looking to navigate the waters of life after a TBI. Her story is heartfelt and authentic. She has a very unique gift of being able to speak of her life as it is now in a way that makes readers feel like they are walking with her along the new path her life has taken."

– David Grant, Founder of TBI Hope & Inspiration, Author of Metamorphosis: Surviving Brain Injury

“We had the opportunity to hear Nicole speak at the Maryland Brain Injury conference in March of 2016. Her story began with the injury of her son Taylor and chronicled the family’s journey through the initial scary days of limited information while he was in the hospital, to their life today, post-TBI. Reading Nicole’s book helped me accept some of the harsh realities of my own life as a caregiver, and encouraged me to continue to advocate for my own family, even when the medical community doesn’t have the answers and is unsure of what’s best for us. She is truly inspirational and the Bingaman motto “Love Wins” shines through in everything she does."

- Sarah Grant, Editor TBI Hope & Inspiration Magazine

“While I have always realized at some level the roller coaster that patients and families go through, your book brought this through in an extremely vivid manner. Your ability to discuss your reactions and feelings also was quite remarkable. Thank you for being an ongoing inspiration to other patients and families and for providing a better understanding to those of us who treat people who have had brain injuries!"

David F. Long, MD, Neurologist and Medical Director of the brain injury program at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital

Falling Away From You by Nicole Vinson Bingaman is a story of family love and tenacity. After the oldest of her three sons, Taylor, suffers a severe traumatic brain injury, Nicole, her husband, and two other sons do everything in their power to return Taylor to the active life he once enjoyed, but Taylor is simply not the same person he used to be. This book sheds light on the agony of ambiguous loss, a loss without closure, and how each family member copes with this loss differently.”

Rosemary Rawlins, Blogger for

Falling Away From You is a deeply moving story about how one family came together in the midst of a terrible tragedy with grace, resiliency and courage. This is a story about perseverance, tenacity, teamwork and most importantly, unyielding love. Taylor and his family lift us all up and remind us of what is most precious.”

– Michelle Nunn, She has been named the CEO of CARE, a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. Most recently, she was a candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia and has spent her 25 year career dedicated to civic and public service. Michelle is a nationally recognized leader in the service and non-profit sector who has received numerous awards and recognition.

“Here is an eloquent portrayal of lives literally turned upside down in the space of thirteen seconds, as TBI moves into the family. At times the raw emotional honesty jolts us readers as we are pulled into the events and emotions that unfold over the next weeks and months. This book will provide language for thousands of families and patients as they struggle to comprehend, articulate and help others understand this unending journey with TBI as its companion.”

Kaye H. Coker, LCSW at Mountainheart Counseling and Member of the Board of Directors at Veteran's Heart Georgia

“Reading Falling Away From You is like peering through the window of a mother’s heart as she details the devastating effects of traumatic brain injury on her son. Bingaman compellingly describes how drastically and permanently life can change in an instant for an entire family when a member suffers a sudden brain injury or is diagnosed with a chronic brain disease. For me, the book is a strong and moving reminder of the mission of the American Academy of Neurology, to promote the highest quality patient-centered neurologic care for the one in six people affected by brain disease.”

Catherine M. Rydell, CAE, Executive Director and CEO, American Academy of Neurology, the world’s largest association of neurologists with 28,000 members

"Nicole Bingaman's memoir, Falling Away from You, catapults the reader into the complex and devastating world of traumatic brain injury. When Bingaman’s son Taylor suffered a catastrophic fall that left him fighting for his life, she and her family were forced into the grayest of spaces: the ambiguous loss associated with brain injury. Bingaman narrates from the perspective of a grieving but determined mother, one who is struggling to let go of the son she has always known, while she helps beloved Taylor fight for his new life. She beautifully captures the internal struggle that rings true for all caregivers: learning to let go as you figure out how to hold on. Bingaman’s fierce love for her son and family echo throughout her prose, proving that even in the worst circumstances, love prevails.

Falling Away from You will strike a profound chord for survivors of TBI and their caregivers, who will no doubt see themselves in the story’s moments of shock, remorse, and devotion. Brain injury affects more than the individual and Bingaman’s book does an excellent job of conveying its impact on the entire family."

Abby Maslin, M.A. Educator and Writer for and


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