Team Taylor

Team Taylor was organized in the days shortly after Taylor's fall by Shelby Hackenberg, a close friend of Taylor's. She came to talk with our family one night in the ICU waiting room and had a remarkable plan. Her plan was to gather love and support for our family and for Taylor as we faced this unknown crisis. Taylor was still in a coma, giving no response and it was an incredibly scary time. We began to understand that the road ahead would be both long and treacherous. Shelby wanted to form a team of supporters and she was willing to do everything it would involve. As time went on, we realized that this was going to mean months of changes for us. We discovered that Traumatic Brain Injury would impact our family in many ways. Team Taylor was there to help us through that time.

The Team Taylor Facebook page was a way for people to hear updates about how Taylor was doing via social media, as well as, a place where people could turn to help us. In the early months, Team Taylor t-shirts were sold and over time, there were numerous fundraisers and displays of community support. Shelby led the team and created a way for people who wanted to help, to be able to do so. She is a person of great integrity with terrific organizational skills and this was an asset to the team she led.

In March of 2014, Shelby was awarded the Medical Advocate Award through the American Red Cross for the work she did for Team Taylor. This was a huge honor and a beautiful recognition of the love of a special friend.

As time has moved on, Team Taylor means many things. At the heart of the team is of course, Taylor. And the people that make up the team are our community, friends and family, both near and far. Team Taylor shirts have been shipped as far away as New Zealand and Australia! Team Taylor is about learning, teaching and discovering what Traumatic Brain Injury means and coming together through it.

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