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Things would forever change on Thanksgiving Eve 2012, when my twenty-one year old son, Taylor, fell down the stairs in our home. What started as the evening of another holiday, has led us down a road that has yet to end. This journey changed each person in our family from the inside out. Since that day, I have often repeated the phrase to myself, “never again”. By that, I mean never again will I take one breath, one moment, one skill, or one person I love for granted. Through this experience, I have learned in a brutal way that death is not the only thing that can steal someone you love away from you. It is not the only thing that can make you long to be with your loved one again.
From the preface of Falling Away From You

Who inspired you to write this book?

There is a group of people who inspired me to write this book. They are the survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury and those who love them. They are the people who care for them day in and day out from a medical standpoint. They are the friends and family who walk this journey and do not walk away. They remain present through the toughest of times.

Most of all those who inspired me are the other mothers I met along the way. They are the mothers I wept with, and the ones who were too tired to weep. It is for the mothers who saw great improvement and the ones who wrestled with endless defeat. In my heart of hearts, this book is a tribute to every mother who has known the agony of hearing the words, “Your child has a Traumatic Brain Injury.” Because I am a mother, I most relate to their pain and I ache with them the deepest.

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